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    w How Do the RSVP Event Magazines Work?
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Key Event Planning



w Motivates membership to attend Conference / Event    

w Provides membership with valuable Conference / Event information

          -  Dates   

         -  Locations

          -  Hotel accommodations 

         -  Venues      

   -  Speakers 

   -  Agendas

   -  Sub-Meetings

w Print, Interactive Internet and Mobile Devices access

w Sponsor recognition

w Discount coupons for local Tours, Dining, Entertainment, Museums, Shopping...

w Seasonal and up-to-the-minute weather

w Very low cost / piece per RSVP Magazine 

w 25 minimum run

w Very fast turn-around

w Expandable number of pages

w Low collateral/creative development cost

w Very fast access to motivational, high-impact graphics and maps




Want a custom RSVP Event MagazineTM for your event, hotel or VCB?

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w Exclusive introduction of Advertiser's motivational offers to

       Event Participants BEFORE & DURING Events    

w Focuses Event Participant's attention on local Attractions and Events:

          -  Restaurants   

         -  Museums

          -  Tours 

         -  Gift Shops      

   -  Entertainment 

   -  Couture Salons & Spas

   -  Medical needs

   -  Real Estate

w Target Marketing to Event Participants saves advertising dollars

w Multi-Channel advertising with Print, Internet, Mobile Devises

w Distribution to 5 major local Bremerton Event Host's guests:

        -  Kitsap Conference Center

         -  Hampton Inn & Suites

         -  Fairfield Inn & Suites

         -  U.S.S. Turner Joy Museum

         -  Seefilm Bremerton Cinema

w Distribution options in 3 dynamic regional publications:

         RSVP Bremerton Event Magazine ~ Military Edition

         RSVP Bremerton Event Magazine ~ Tourism Edition

         -  Seattle's Best Map / NW Adventure Map Magazine

w Best advertising value for: Image, Message Content, Focused Distribution














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